Chipping – May 2019

May 25-26 2019

After the success of the volunteer chipping day last fall, the AIA board has decided to continue with volunteers rather than use a commercial company. 

The AIA board is requesting volunteers. If you are interested in helping with or have any questions regarding this effort please contact Steve Merveldt

To assist the crew, the board is asking that residents help with their personal slash. Those that do not will be charged a fee based on the time it takes the crew to remove their slash, prorated to the total cost of equipment/vehicles/supplies.

Guidelines: Slash is to be placed street-side with ALL cut ends facing the street. The maximum diameter is 10 inches with a branch span no greater than 3 feet. Slash to be chipped must be at least 3 feet long as shorter lengths are dangerous for operators to feed into the machinery. All chippings will be left on the property and the homeowner is responsible for removing or spreading out the chippings to minimize fire danger.

Please note that residents who are not current with their HOA dues by May 1st are not eligible to take part in this program.