Neighborhood Watch – Computer Tips


Below are some security suggestions from one of our neighbors.


 1. Banks and Insurance companies will NEVER call you and ask you for information that they already have. If you get a call like that ask them what group within the company they work for and what their call back number is. Tell them that you will call them directly and they will probably hang up at that point. If they give you a number don’t call it, call the main number for the bank or insurance company and ask about any efforts to gather information that they may have going on. If they say they don’t tell them to connect you to their Fraud detection or security department and give them all the information that you have.


 2. If you get an email that has an official look (as if it is from your bank, insurance company, credit card company or even your Internet Service Provider and they are asking you to connect to a web site and give them information DO NOT GO TO THE WEBSITE THAT APPEARS IN THE NOTE. Save a copy of the email and contact the company directly in another way (their registered website or call them). They will probably want a copy of the email for their investigation. There are ways to trace it back to the real sender but that is what we professionals do so all you need to do is to report it.


3. Do not pass around Virus Warnings that you get from your friends or “new information” about this or that polititican without checking its validity first. The site I use the most is  You can do a keyword search and find the email or virus warning and they will tell you if it is valid or not. There are some virus hoaxes that have been running around the Internet for 10 years or more an they just clutter up your inbox.



 4. Please Please Please run an anti virus program and keep it up to date!!!!! There are a number of free anti virus programa out there in addition to the commercial ones so there is no excuse for anyone with a computer connected to the Internet to not have an up to date anti virus program. One of the free ones is AVG that you can down load at: 


 5. For parents who are concerned about their children on the Internet there are a number of different programs that do a great job of blocking, tracking and reporting on their usage. While there are a number of different products out there only you can determine which one is best for you so suggest you look at the review of the products done by Top Ten reviews at