Board Members and Committee Chairs

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Board Members

President: Lonnie Wheeler

Vice President: Lou Johnson

Secretary: Bill Mayo

Treasurer: Dana Merveldt

Assistant Treasurer: Bob Heyda

Board Member #1: Lonnie Wheeler

Board Member #2: Steve Merveldt

Board Member #3: Elizabeth Mayo

Board Member #4: Brent Libby

Board Member #5:  OPEN

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Members at Large

Brent Libby

Deb Fiala

Heather Sharp


Standing Committee Chairs  

Architectural Control Chair: Lonnie Wheeler

Architectural Control Member 1: Richard Young

Architectural Control Member 2: Scott Jackson

Bookkeeping: Bob Heyda

Chipping: Steve Merveldt

Firewise Compliance: Elizabeth Mayo

Fire Mitigation: Steve Merveldt

Financial Reviews: Bob Heyda

Neighborhood Watch #1: Jackie Heyda

Neighborhood Watch #2: OPEN

NEPCO: Bill Mayo

Newsletter Requests: Deb Fiala

Pest Control: Greg Bielanski

Roads and Grounds: Greg Bielanski

Signage / Community Texting: Heather Sharp

Website Manager: Jeanette Breton

Web Master Support: Robyn Millheim (Websites by Robyn)

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