Firewise & Chipping

We are a Firewise Community and take actions as a community to mitigate fires. Here’s the latest full Community Firewise Assessment that was completed for Arrowwood III and our latest program certificate. To maintain our program status every year as a community we host Chipping Days and provide opportunities for community members to be trained.

Firewise easement mitigation is scheduled for September 30. Volunteers are needed to help make our neighborhood a safer place to live! It is highly recommended that brush and trees are cleared along roadways for ingress / egress of emergency vehicles.  For roads in Arrowwood III this would be a 60 ft wide distance across the roads (30 feet from the center of the street).

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) recommends preparing your home for fires by treating the three zones surrounding your house and paying attention to tree spacing. What are ladder fuels?  More information is on their websiteWith the proper fire mitigation actions, your property can be saved when a wildfire occurs.

Our Community Volunteer Chipping

Our most recent Chipping Day was Saturday, October 7th, 2023.   Once scheduled we will share in our community newsletter our next Chipping Day.

Below is our chipping participation and charge policy:

  • Chipping leads will survey all properties with slash week prior.
  • Ensure limbs are butt-to-the-street; If NOT, no chipping; Mixed configuration will be charged a minimum of $20.
  • We plan on hauling the resulting chips away from the neighborhood. If you want your chips, you MUST notify Steve Merveldt or Lonnie Wheeler prior to chipping day (2 Oct)
  • Owners who do NOT assist will be charged a minimum of $25.  Owners who assist with their own slash may not be charged.
  • Slash piles that take longer than 15 minutes, and where the owner does NOT participate will be charged up to $50.
  • No “duff” or small branches that can be placed in trash cans will NOT be processed.  Small branches are defined as less than 18 inches in length.
  • Seniors who are physically unable to participate are exempt. However, their slash piles must meet the configuration identified above. If not, owner will be charged a minimum of $20.
  • Please notify Lonnie [440-0954] or Steve [440-8551] if you are physically unable to assist with the chipping

If you are interested in helping with or have any questions regarding this effort, please contact Steve Merveldt.

An alternative to our community volunteer chipping event is use of a local Slash Disposal. These are also great alternatives to smaller items like pine needles and small branches that cannot be handled during our Chipping Days.