2021 AIA Board Elections

Our election for Board Members is underway (Review Schedule)

We are currently Accepting Nominations (Submit Nomination)

Board Members and Committee Chairs

You may contact any individual, by clicking on their name.

Board Members

President:   Greg Bielanski

Vice President:   Deb Fiala

Secretary:   Bill Mayo

Treasurer:   Dana Merveldt

Board Member #1:   Lonnie Wheeler

Board Member #2:   Steve Merveldt

Board Member #3:   Jeanette Breton  

Board Member #4:   Elizabeth Mayo

Board Member #5:   Lou Johnson


Program / Committee Contacts

Nominations:  Pete Olejnik

Architectural Control: Lonnie Wheeler

Neighborhood Watch #1: Jackie and Bob Heyda

Neighborhood Watch #2: Open

Roads & Grounds (Includes Pest Control): Greg Bielanski

Arrowwood 3 Website: Jeanette Breton

Financial Reviews:  Bob Heyda

Firewise (Includes Chipping):  Elizabeth Mayo

NEPCO:  Bill Mayo

Please send correspondence to:

Arrowwood III
PO Box 431
Monument, CO 80132